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Because you are here on this page, I will assume that you or your loved ones are having a particularly challenging time with an impossibly challenging set of problems. From that perspective, I am sorry that you and yours are struggling. With that said, I am a Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, Board Certified Mental Health Coach and a Certified Spiritual/Pastoral Counselor, and I am glad that I might be able to help you find your way back to a sense of ordinary, normal, or even better than it has ever been. I can confess to you that I have personally felt as bad as you may feel now. That does not mean that I know how you feel — I do not think anyone could know that.

Help people suffering primarily from the hopelessness, helplessness, and homelessness. I can also provide spiritual counseling to help with anxiety, stress, and depression. Through the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit, modalities we get better results faster. Your only prerequisite is an unwavering desire to feel better.

Through personal experience, I know there is hope. There is hope that your future will be better than your present and your past. Overcome your overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. I can collaborate with you remotely via video-call while you are in the safety of your own home. Call, text, email, or message me, and let us decide if we can work together.

Spiritual Counseling Information

  • Cost per Session: Up to $70
  • Sliding Scale: Yes
  • Payment: Paypal, American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Venmo, Visa
  • To better manage confidentiality, client-provider care planning, and manage billing expenses, we do not accept insurance.
  • Email me or call me: (260) 600-8825

Spiritual Counseling Approach

1. Spiritual Counseling
2. Spiritual Guidance Intervention

3. Spiritual Counseling for depression
4. Cognitive Spiritual Counseling

5. Metaphysical Jungian Coaching
6. Mindful Based Coaching

7. Trauma Focused Spiritual Counseling
8. Life Coaching

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Our spiritual counseling services are 100 percent remote, via video call or by phone if necessary. We offer multilingual spiritual counseling sessions in the following languages: English, French, and Arabic. Please get in touch with Dr. Youssef for additional questions by visiting the contact page.

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