Welcome to the Higher Mind Center, a telehealth/online counseling site. Dr. Sam Youssef was the founder of Healing Light Therapy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Presently, he is the founder and the consulting counselor of The Higher Mind Center for online/telehealth counseling services. He is also a Doctor of Theocentric Psychology and a researcher, author, and counselor. His research goals include studying human behavior and mental thought processes by analyzing the cognitive processes in both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Dr. Sam Youssef

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Featured Book

Spirituality & Psychology

By Dr. Sam Youssef

Spiritual Integration in Counseling Psychology “The Hidden Subconscious Healing Power of the Human Spirit”

In this book, I will examine the developing role of spirituality in counseling psychology by analyzing several counseling programs that use the combination of spiritual and psychological/mental counseling methods in counseling clients. An integrated approach to counseling psychology causes momentous changes in the human subconscious mind. Human souls co-exist with the human body, and so, must be nurtured.

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Finding Your Higher Purpose: A Spirit, Mind, & Body Approach To Overcoming Chronic Pain